LogistiCare Facility Services - Sunset Announcement

FSW Sunset Announcement - TripCare

Special Announcement: As of October 19, 2017, the Facility Services Website (FSW) will be moving to a new location as part of a system upgrade and redesign. The new portal replacing FSW will be called TripCare and is located at https://tripcare.logisticare.com. TripCare will have several enhancements and new features that will make it easier for facilities to help set up trips for their members and patients.

If you are already setup as a user in FSW you DO NOT need to request a new login for the TripCare portal. Your login credentials will automatically be migrated to TripCare. You will no longer have to enter your username; instead simply enter your email address as your user ID. Your password will remain the same as it was when logging into FSW.